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Codeception is a PHP testing framework that supports unit, functional, and acceptance tests automation. Codeception tests are written in a descriptive manner using a simple PHP DSL. Various renowned organizations offer Codeception, and ApEED Technologies is one of them.

Why businesses prefer Codeception?

For web apps, testing the controller is not enough. You need to test the behavior of the application as well by writing acceptance tests. Codeception lets you do that and attain error-free results.

  • User-centric tests:

    Codeception offers high-level domain language for performing tests.

  • Browser testing:

    Users can execute tests using Firefox, Chrome, PhantomJS, or Cloud Testing services with Selenium WebDriver.

  • Framework testing:

    We can execute tests inside the PHP framework. Under this, Laravel, Yii, Zend Framework, Phalcon, and Symfony are supported.

  • API testing:

    Codeception helps users to simplify REST and SOAP testing. There are flexible commands to test the structure and data of JSON and XML responses.

  • Behavior Driven Development:

    Codeception can even execute feature files that are written in Gherkin format as tests.

  • Unit and Integration Testing:

    Codeception is built on top of the PHP Unit and can execute its tests. It allows users to improve integrations tests with commands.

Why Hire Us?

No matter yours is a startup business or an international brand, ApEED Technologies offers you the most affordable testing services. Our team of expert testers has a stronghold over the testing skills. We understand the client's business needs and assist them with a suitable set of testing services.

Access Our Codeception Testing Services And Automate The Testing!

Our codeception testing services allow you to test web services while sharing the best practices and solutions for testing PHP web applications. Our services are easy to use and maintain!

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Jumpstart Your Testing Like A Boss With Codeception!

Codeception shares the best practices for PHP testing and has a flexible set of modules tests that are easy to write, use and maintain. Whether you are looking for user-centric tests, browser testing, API testing, framework, or unit integration testing, avail yourself of the best benefits with our codeception services.

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